Welcome to Magnolia’s first local seafood bistro, Tanglewood Supreme! As a native Seattleite I have an incredible appreciation for our city—the history, architecture, culture and its beauty from mountain to sound. As a young boy growing up on the shores of Lake Washington I would take any moment possible to be on the water; whether at the helm in a cool breeze or swimming in the summertime. I am thankful to call the Emerald City my home. I have had many adventures that have taken me across the globe but have always returned smiling.

Tanglewood Supreme is a concept a long-time in the making and my friends and family play a large role in the actualization of this dream. I have many fond memories of us gathered around a table, on our sailboat or seated around a beach fire laughing, enjoying delicious food and good conversation. There are many “family traditions” that pepper the menu...even the name, Tanglewood Supreme is affectionately named after a dish my mother prepared in the 1970s when I was a boy. Another gem is a 50 year Chappelle family “Old Fashioned” recipe that my father perfected and I am excited to share it with you.

My promise to you is this: The Tanglewood team will work tirelessly to bring you incredibly fresh, delicious, locally sourced offerings as well as inspirations from around the Pacific Rim and the Mediterranean.

Our philosophy is a “fisherman to table” experience with an uncompromising focus on excellence — sourced from the very best purveyors that the Pacific Northwest has to offer and it is this spirit that infuses every aspect of the restaurant, from its design and ambience to service and of course, its cuisine.



I remember watching my mother and father hosting fabulous parties at our home, treating each guest with such genuine care. There was always a lot of laughter and tasty food & drink. My Dad took great pride in offering his signature drink — a 50 year old Chappelle family recipe that is, to this day, unchanged and a staple at Chappelle family gatherings. My father passed away in early 2011 but the drink I fondly call “Dad’s Old Fashioned” lives on and I am honored to share this drink with you. Cheers Dad!

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